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Above is my business card

I am Seeking Employment in Your Area.

This is my Application for Employment.
Could you use the skills and experience of a Reliable Master Electrician? ... Someone capable of handling complex machinery and control problems? ... Trouble shooting and repairs? ... Engineering and design? ... With experience in staff training and management? ... Sales and customer relations? ... Reasonably computer savy?

Add to this a high-level physics and math background and extensive practical experience. I even have hands-on farm and ranch experience, having even logged several thousand miles on horseback working as a packer in the high Sierras.
I am interested in learning and doing new things.

I'm Joe Duncanson

I am asking if you could use or benefit from my skills, background, and experience.  In this effort I present the following:

I am a Licensed Master Electrician -- active and well established as an Electrical Contractor in the Clearwater, Florida.  I have earned my Masters Degree and obtained PhD Candidacy in Physics from The University of Colorado at Boulder, and have over 30 years experience as a Licensed Master Electrician in the following 3 states:

California  --  license no longer active
   --  license no longer active
       --  license is current and active

I have designed, built, and repaired numerous Machine Control Systems, and have worked on many types of both domestic and foreign made machinery -- with and without wiring diagrams, plans, schematics, or translators.  Some of these machines were as complex and tough to reckon with as they make them.  One easily stretched the length of a football field.

As an electrician, I grew up working in the factories of the West Coast, doing Industrial Electrical Construction and Repair work.  Machinery and Control Systems were always my favorite; fun to design, build, and work on.  I also did entire factory setups and moves.  I loved getting a plant or production line up and running on time, as promised. 

Prior to that I was a dedicated physics student for 9 years.  (Details can be found by going to About The Author.)

In recent years I have worked extensively by myself -- doing all types of  Electrical Repair work  and  Trouble Shooting.

I am seeking an individual, school, business, farm, ranch, manufacturing facility or research lab that could use me. 

I like a challenge.  Can I be of service to you?

I'm Joe Duncanson
(727) 461-2110
Non-urgent - personal communications
may be addressed to me by clicking here:
Joe at Duncanson Electric Co

Duncanson Electric Co
1770 Kenesaw Lane
Clearwater, FL 33765

I provide Electrical Services as an Electrician, as an Electrical Consultant, and as an Electrical Contractor, for Electrical Repairs, Electrical Upgrades, Wiring Installations, Custom Lighting Design & Installation, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Repairs, as well as Machinery & Machine Control Design, Installation, Modification, Trouble Shooting & Repair.
Above is my grandson Atticus.