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I have spent years searching for all the words and verses of these 3 … the way I remembered them. Now, with a little help from my friends and access to the Internet I have finally figured out the remainder of what I had been looking for and trying to remember in detail for the past 50 years. So here you are, with links to a few sources, a bit of history, and even links to a few versions as played by others.

And here are a couple late comers I just thought I’d add on:

And a link to a page I call

COWBOY TIME in the Sierras – 2011

Now this was fun. And it all started because 2011 was the year of my 50th high school reunion out in Oakdale, California, where I grew up.  We enjoyed 9 weeks total, out and back, with friends and family in Colorado, Idaho, and California.  COWBOY TIME in the Sierras – The 2011 Photos is a link to the group of photos I have put together which represents what could be called “Part 3″ of our adventure.