Now this was fun.  And it all started because 2011 was the year of my 50th high school reunion out in Oakdale, California, where I grew up.  We enjoyed 9 weeks total, out and back, with friends and family in Colorado, Idaho, and California. 

COWBOY TIME in the Sierras – 2011 – The Photos is a link to the group of photos I have put together which represents what could be called “Part 3” of our adventure. This begins as we are head South-West out of Idaho, down towards Winnemucca, Nevada.  Click on any one photo to enlarge it and view it as a slide show (manually advanced).

The following text and links give some details and maps of what was where: 

We crossed the Sierras by way of California State Hwy 4 over Ebbetts pass, then over to Sonora and down to Oakdale where we enjoyed the next week and a half with Bill and Roberta Harvey, near Oakdale. 

The reunion was fine, but best was “horsing around”… helping move cows and calves around and down out of the higher Sierras to the lower foothills for winter feed.  The general area of activity was East of Oakdale, at various places in the vicinity of Hwy 108.

When it was time to go home, it was up and over the Sierras again, this time on Hwy 120 over Tioga Pass then East across Nevada on US Highway 6 to US Highway 50, the last two photos. 

Otherwise, the photos center about the Sierra foothills East of Oakdale and higher up in the mountains South and East of Pinecrest, California.

The early photos in the oak covered hills were a bit North-West of Knights Ferry, from the center of the map all the way down along Church Springs Road.

Here is a link that will bring up a map centered on Bell Meadows where the pictures show so many cows.

We drove the cows a few miles up the road to Kerrick Corral where they were loaded onto 3 cattle trucks and taken down to the foothills just West of Knights Ferry, for winter feed.  The corrals where we unloaded are at the center of this last map when it opens.

I hope you enjoy the maps as well as the photos!