Environmental Extremists & Government

Recently CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) has been labeled an environmental problem. (Animals and people exhale CO2. Trees and other plants inhale CO2. They use it in their life processes and then exhale oxygen. And so it goes.) The claim is that CO2 is a significant cause of “man-made global warming” and that CO2 production must be suppressed or the planet will be ruined or destroyed! But they say nothing about the fact that evidence of global warming sort of petered out around 1998. (This conclusion was confirmed recently when NASA and NOAA discovered their own temperature tracking errors, re-calibrated their equipment, and redid their calculations.)

So now “Climate Change” has now become the new buzz word, replacing the phrase “global warming” as more and more people have discover the fraud of “global warming.” But not everyone has discovered this fraud, just as not everyone discovered the fraud of “global cooling” promoted heavily in the mid 1970’s?

Al Gore and others have make millions by perpetuating this fraud they have worked so hard to create and get all of us to believe. Fear, guilt and ignorance are their aids and allies. These are the primary tools used by those who would profit from our believing the myths from which they seek to profit.

What will the environmental Wackos try next? Will they try to stop us from developing our own natural resources, such as our oil and coal reserves? Or will they have you and I paying to subsidize bio-fuels while leaving us dependent on foreign oil?

A lot has been said lately about the profits the various oil companies have been making, but our Federal government confiscates more in the form of gas and oil taxes than “Big Oil” ever hoped to make in profit. In the 25 years from 1977 to 2002, the federal government made twice the profit ($1.34 trillion) from the sale of gas as did the evil “Big-Oil” ($0.68 trillion).

“Big Oil” works to expand production and improve product availability while “Big Government” works to stop that, take more and impose more costly regulations (such as ethanol and fuel blend requirements).

The prohibitions imposed by “Big Government” against domestic resource development have given us the formula for increased foreign oil dependence. But who is really behind these prohibitions? It is the Environmental Extremists, the same fellows who would tell you what you can and can’t do with your own property because some wet-lands plant or endangered rat is living in your back yard.

In a well camouflaged effort, the environmental extremists have for years been doing every thing they can to bring the modern world to it’s knees. The Sierra Club and others have earned their places at the top of this list.

The choice is clear: Defend the remaining freedoms we have and work to protect the fabric of our culture and society so that all may continue to survive and prosper.

    Joe Duncanson – 2008